To The Heart Ministries


Dear Joe,

"What a joy it was to have you at Abbe Rd. Baptist Church. The feedback has been so positive and the benefits are out of this world. The Seminar was excellent and timely. Your passion for Christ and purity were obvious and very convicting. We pray that God will continue to open doors and hearts as you do His will."

Carment Muoio
Senior Pastor,
Abbe Rd. Baptist Church.

Dear Joe,
"The seminar was top notch and well balanced. You presented the material in a wise and gentle way. You didn't make people feel condemned but instead gave them hope and always kept the scriptures at the center of your teachings. May God guide you and use you to bring true revival to many."

Marty Coyne
Pastor and Missionary,
Cornerstone Community Church.

Dear Joe,
"Thank you for a wonderful seminar yesterday! It was challenging and convicting, but did not leave people feeling condemned for poor choices in the past. You set before us the choice of where we will go now. In a sense it was, 'You can keep going down this road, but where will it stop?' VS. 'Here is what your heart can be like before the Lord if you choose this path.' Thank you for the compassionate way that you exhorted us to give careful attention to our choices. You gave us great information and very practical guidelines to help us make better choices. This morning I heard a lot of very positive feedback. Thank you again so much! I would be happy to do whatever I can to urge other churches to have you come and present this seminar. I pray that my life, and the life of all those who attended, will begin to see wonderful growth in our walk with Christ as we apply the things you shared."

Paul Yancheck
Senior Pastor,
Lighthouse Alliance Church.