Can You Use Some Good News?

man drinking coffee and browsing through the news on his tablet

Most people that I know watch the local news at least one time per day.  I know some people who watch the local news twice or more per day and some people have CNN on all  day.  As followers of Jesus Christ, I believe that it is important that we stay in tune with current…

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Do Commercials Really Matter?

actors on the set of a commercial rehearsing

Do commercials really matter?  Is 3o seconds or even 1 minute of information going to affect my life in any significant way?  The answer is YES!  Companies wouldn’t be spending millions of dollars to get your attention if it wasn’t effective. I watch TV occasionally but not much.  I think watching TV can be one…

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Do the Lyrics Really Matter?

teenager doing homework and listening to music

There is plenty of scientific and psychological evidence to back up a resounding ‘YES’ to this question.  Our brains are very complex computers that retain and process information not only directly but also subliminally and unconsciously. In this article, I would like to tackle  3 perspectives from a common sense and Biblical point of view.…

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Entertainment 101

watching television

When we think of Entertainment, we usually think of something that is fun, relaxing and enjoyable.  Rarely do we consider that while we’re enjoying our favorite movie, TV program, video game or song, we are being ‘educated’ by someone’s philosophy.  However often times, that is exactly what is happening.   “See to it that no one…

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What is Your Criteria For Choosing a Movie?

family watching a movie

1.) WHAT DO MY FRIENDS THINK ABOUT IT? Sometimes friends can be a reliable source of discernment when it comes to choosing movies. But remember that your friends may not share the same convictions that you do. One of the reasons that I’m passionate about this ministry is because some people whom I love and…

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Where Do You Go For Media Discernment?

kids looking at their cell phones checking social media.

In my media seminars I educate people about the rating systems for TV, movies and video games.  The Television Industry, the MPAA (motion picture association of America) and the ESRB (Entertainment Software Review Board) can all be helpful aids in our media discernment.  Are they 100% reliable? At the top of my list of practical…

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Did You Know That You Eat What You Watch?

children watching television

We’ve all heard the old saying, “You are what you eat.” If you eat wholesome, healthy food you’ll probably be physically healthy.  If you eat processed, greasy, junk food you’ll probably be unhealthy. There’s nothing complicated about those equations. But do you ever think about the statement, “You eat what you watch?” Considering the fact that the average child…

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